Accounting and Bookkeeping
for Canadian Startups

Our comprehensive service for startups includes bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements and tax filings.

What We Offer


We offer monthly bookkeeping services to keep your small business financial records in order from day one.

Monthly Financial Statements

Once bookkeeping is done and monthly books are closed, we arrange those records into professional level standard financial statements including balance sheet, income statement and cash flows.

Corporate Tax Filings

We supply basic corporate compliance by providing corporate tax return filing services.


We’re here to help, we have over a decade of experience working in all areas of finance.

About Us

We help Canadian small business owners all along their entrepreneurship journey. What’s small? Companies with 0-40 employees and between zero and $3 million in annual revenue. Our objective is to help your business grow. We view your business in whole and actively work with you to develop and improve it. Getting your finances in order will help you gain a better understanding of your finances, identify and validate growth opportunities, and let you focus on developing your business to the next stage.

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