Compliance & Governance for Canadian Startups

We work diligently to create compliance framework and establish an appropriate governance structure meeting your startup’s needs.

What We Offer

As a startup grows, it quickly encounters legal, ethical, and fiduciary obligations to investors, employees, taxation and other government authorities as well as public at large. Good governance is vital to the successful growth and development of any company. Having a well thought out approach to the responsibilities and accountability of the founders, shareholders and board members can be critical in promoting and instilling investors’ confidence.

Thinking of raising funds?

Having solid compliance and governance principles and procedures in place helps investors get a sense of how the startup will make strategic decisions as well as it how will handle investment funds. Cashmrr gets you compliant!


We’re here to help, we have over a decade of experience working in all areas of finance.

About Us

We help Canadian small business owners all along their entrepreneurship journey. What’s small? Companies with 0-40 employees and between zero and $3 million in annual revenue. Every business needs a strong foundation. The framework for success starts with a stringent yet scalable structure to help to govern and to lead the company to success. Our objective is to help your company grow as we view it in whole holistically, actively working with you to develop and grow your business.

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